Sunday, January 29, 2012

December 2011 & January 2012 Recommendations

I wish a blessed and happy 2012 for each of you!  Thank you for sharing and allowing me to share throughout 2011.

Our Life
PTSD and the Special Needs Parent - I agree completely
Notes From A Dragon Mom - yep, recommending this one again in case you missed it!
Bloom Burden of Complex Kids Not Whole Picture
Does Every Child Matter?
Don't Be Shy 
teacher joins the special needs ranks 
The Freedom To Tell It Like It Is 
Messengers... Our Duty as Parents of the Disabled 
Sustaining Life... 
Dear Shopper Staring at My Child 
Being Retarded 
An Apology from Your Child's Former Teacher 
What If You Had Autism for a Day? by Debra Japzon Gillum 
5 Things Never to Say to a Special Needs Parent 
5 Things You Should Know
Listen to my Words
Bullying Doesn't Have Rules 
From the Darkness 

Helpful Tips & Resources
It may be December, but I personally need to remember this hint.  Riley cannot possibly swat away mosquitos.  I am always finding some mysterious bite from some sneaky bug.
The Clubfoot Project - Donate old AFOs In Uganda and Papua New Guinea they are utilizing used AFO's. "We accept its not ideal to recycle AFO's but there is no local skill for making custom splints. So it's a matter of having enough pre-loved AFO's to find one to fit the required foot. The kids are actually lucky if they get a pair of shoes to help maintain position."

Understanding Special Education: Downloadable guides for the IEP & 504
Top 10 Ridiculous IEP Comments

Disability Paradox
A Fate Worse Than Death

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: Free portraiture photography to families suffering the loss of a baby.

Accessories, Toys and Adaptive Sports
Tubie Friends educational stuffed animals for children with feeding tubes

AblePlay - play products for children with Special Needs
Setting the Stage for Successful Performances p. 13
Crossfit is for EVERYONE - Saratoga Highschool

In NEED of Support
Cooper's HouseCooper is my 3 year old son who suffers from cerebral palsy. We had a custom playhouse built for him to aid in his therapy. Our neighborhood association is making us get rid of it. Read my letter to my neighbors for the whole story.
Freedom Waters Foundation slide show by volunteer 
Freedom Waters Foundation January 2012 News

Health & Safety
Fat Means Fast
Needy Meds 
Register your Child with Police

Books, DVDs, Magazines & Reference
New Documentary
Top Films for the Differently Abled 
2011 Family Cafe Questions and Answers 
Walk A Mile In Their Shoes - Bullying and the Child with Special Needs

Wildlife - May not fit with the rest but it's important too
Wildlife Waystation: Funded solely through corporate and foundation grants, private donations sponsorship and bequests, the current recession has seen donations drop 50% Our financial situation is the worst in 35 years.
Keep Me Wild

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