Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arbonne Opportunity in the United Kingdom

Good Morning,
I post this asking for your aid.  Would you please sharing this with any friends or family in the U.K. who may be looking to bring in extra income and have a preference for all natural products.  You would be doing a great service to myself and anyone who pursues this opportunity in earnest.
As you know, I am a work at home mother so that I may be available to my family.  This is a gift I gave to myself as an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  Arbonne is a direct marketing company  which distributes superior skin care, health and wellness products.  Recently the company started a big push into the UK.  I am really happy I went into this and would really appreciate the opportunity to share it with others.  Simply forward it on and share my contact information with anyone who has an interest.  I would be so happy to discuss this with anyone and truly believe it is worth their while to consider.  Below is a list of upcoming events to learn more about the opportunity.  Please ask her or him to contact me and I will register them for the event.   Thank you so much!

Stacie Wiesenbaugh
Independent Consultant #18425803

Arbonne International, www.arbonne.com
Dear Arbonne Independent Consultant,
It’s a great time to be a part of Arbonne, and an even more exciting time for Arbonne UK.  With an anticipated 65% growth in the UK this year, we’d like to invite you to be part of the action!
Do you have family, friends or contacts in the UK that you’d like to introduce to all that Arbonne has to offer? Why not build your own UK business by encouraging them to attend an Arbonne Revolution event?
We will be hosting three free events in May across the United Kingdom where your guests and prospects can learn about The Arbonne Opportunity, hear from UK Corporate staff and field leaders and sample the UK product selection.
Not only that, but we have a training programme planned for prospects who sign up providing additional support as you build your business in a remote market.  We will be working with you to get new Consultants off to a great start! 

Should you wish to learn more about Arbonne please feel free to contact me to set up a time to talk, see contact below.  Please allow me to work with you should you pursue this opportunity.  I am excited to take my business to the next level and your support and your future means a lot to me.  Thank you!!

You can be a part of the best company in the world as well as have the ability to leave a legacy for your family as well as many others.
Calendar of current opportunity events in the UK:
Remember to say I sent you!

Believe in me like I believe in you!!!! 
Stacie Wiesenbaugh, ID #18425803
Independent Arbonne Consultant

All meetings are open to the public as well as Arbonne Independent Consultants, guests and prospects.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Arbonne UK

Four Ingredients of Success by Tom Barrett, Ph.D:
• Determine what you want.
• Decide what you will give up in order to get what you want.
• Associate with people who will help you get what you want.
• Have a plan that works and work your plan.
I’ve also decided not to remind you that a simple plan that is implemented is better than an elaborate plan that is ignored.
Furthermore, I’ve determined not to remind you that your dreams need to be large. How large?
• You need a dream big enough to get your butt out of bed in the morning.
• You need a dream big enough to keep you up at night.
• You need a dream big enough to help you ignore fear and frustration.
• You need a dream big enough to help you push through fatigue and frustration.
So, instead of reminding you of things you already know, I’ve decided to ask you the one, big question: Do you know it’s time for dusting?
It’s time to dust off your hope. Dust off your belief. Dust off your confidence. Dust off your determination. And it’s time to dust off your dreams.
Let’s face it, you will either dust these off or you will cast them off. And that single choice will profoundly impact the direction and quality of your life for years to come.
C.S. Lewis wrote, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” I love the power, optimism and hope embedded in his words. And I like the reminder that it’s never too late for anyone to dust off their dreams and get back into the game of life. Including you.
Committed to your success…and dusting,
Tom Barrett, Ph.D.


Anonymous said...

I am not certain why anyone would want to hurt someone..sometimes some little omission of even a simple smile or thank you can pierce a person's heart. It is much worse when they refuse to even speak to you or assist you isn't it? When most days it only takes a smile or kind word...een one word.

Rileys Smile said...

I do not understand it either. This is partly why I blog about our experience, to help those on the outside find some understanding. We all fear and avoid what we do not understand. Funny how those moments stick with us, yet the perpetrator moves on likely forgetting it nearly immediately. You are right, a smile is often all it takes to help us all feel a little stronger. Stacie