Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hanging with Riley

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Riley loves food.  Dinner is his favorite and feeding him can be quite challenging while he laughs and writhes.  He rides his wheelchair much like a first timer aboard the mechanical bull at the local country bar.  By the time I got out the video he was much calmer but you get the idea.  Much of the meal lands on the kitchen wall and rains down on both of us.

Over the weekend Dad and Riley had lots of one on one time while little brother was on an overnight playdate.

Yesterday morning Riley woke vomiting and soon started with an unusual seizure.  For once I had the wherewithal to video.

Our lanai is bursting with blooms and strangely they fill me with melancholy.  The white butterfly orchid was delivered to my the morning of Riley's birth by the kindness of a distant friend.  Each time the buds return I remember the anguish John and I were suffering when they first arrived.

The red Cymbidium rarely shows shares its blooms with us.  Florida is certainly not the proper home for this beauty.  It is one of the few Cymbidiums we held on to after our move from Southern California.  It reminds me of the time in our marriage when we were full of hope and great plans.  I remember long lazy loving days in Santa Barbara when we had the time and energy to enjoy each other.

Yes, we are making progress in regaining some of that hope and joy in life.  It is a process and a difficult journey.  For now, I must turn my attention to Riley.  Thankfully, he seems to finally be keeping down a meal.

We are all special... Stacie Wiesenbaugh


Sue said...

Dropped by to visit! The seizure video was a little hard to see; is he doing better now?

Your Craft Book said...

Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your lives. I hope that your dear son is has many wonderful days of love from both of you. I can see that love that you have for him in the photo's. Thankyou so much for sharing what is often difficult to watch, blessings, Maureen

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