Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011 Recommendations

Each of these links speaks for itself.  Thanks for coming by and exploring.
Contemplative Hmmmmm
Our Life

If you are not a caregiver, imagine yourself repeating this moment every day of your child's life and attempting to live your life around these moments: Day 5000

Ian's Shoelace Site

 Sensitivity & Training
Student Disability Video
 Six Practical Tips to Promote Inclusion in the Classroom 
Young Children with Special Needs
school sensitivity Training video 
Explaining Special Needs to Your Child: 15 Great Children's Books 
Understanding... The bigger picture 
What's Wrong with You? (The Best Conversation of Our Lives) 
Don't Welcome Me to Holland Lady 
Stress Management

Medical & Diagnosis

Have You Ever Thought...
Med 101 
Bee Aware of Epilepsy 
Understanding Medical Terminolgy on Prescriptions
Etymology of Neuroscience Terms
5 Things Doctors Won't Tell You

Toys & Creative

  Song for those with Disabilities - MP3 or words: Worship Matters
Interactive Auti Toy
Down Syndrome Exhibition - Dublin Arts Council
Special Needs Toy Guide 
Photographing in the NICU/World Prematurity Day 
Toy Guide with and without Disabilities  

Books, Magazines, News & Periodicals

Struggle for Care: Mother Fights to Get Special Needs Son Back Home
How the Special Needs Brain Learns
Good Health News 
Different Dream Parenting: A Practical Guide to Raising a Child with Special Needs
Freedom For Ayn 
Special Needs Book Review

Television & Radio

OWN show audition by Zach Anner
Man with Cerebral Palsy to host own show
Family Network Radio

Special Class Blogs for ESE Ideas

A Special Kind of Class

The Schroeder Page!
Kindergarten Crayons
Extra Special Teaching
Life In Special Education
Adaptations for Kids
Rainbows Within Reach


Spiritual Directors International
Forum for Families 
Net Buddy UK


Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid


Does Special Needs Dampen Teen Sexuality? 

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