Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October 2011 Recommendations

Just realized that I am even behind in my monthly recommendations.  It appears to be November and here I am sharing the best of October recommendations.

I've been in scramble mode just getting through the day.
There has been plenty of decorating driven by Ronan.  They designed a very cool jack-o-lantern that began to mold in a minute despite our prevention efforts.

I attended Candy's Meditation at Debby's home last Thursday.

 Also, as a family we had a wonderful time at friends for a weekend  Halloween party.

Riley came home wearing a sticker, "Say NO to Drugs!"  The very next morning I said yes to drugs with Diastat to stop a seizure.

 Please explore my recommendations, in no particular order so just see what catches your attention.  These wonderful writers offer insight and inspiration.  I invite you to return here with your own insights and comments.  I thank you for stepping along a little on our journey!  Stacie

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