Friday, October 14, 2011

Buck Corner October 2011 Newsletter

Buck Corner
October 2011

Happy Fall Everyone!  Here in Paradise, windows thrown wide open, we are once again immersed in school activities, fundraisers, horseback riding and preparing for the holidays.

As you can see above, Riley maintains his celebrity status (read about “his interview” on NBC television in Rileys-Smile and the newspaper). 

The Shark Tooth Guy is launching a new line (photo above/see below for more details).  New fossils?  Is he still alive? 

Don’t let YOUR SKIN BE THE SCARIEST thing this Halloween Season... Arbonne Skin Care and Nutritionals.  Is offering new promotions and products (coupon in this newsletter!).

We sincerely thank you all for taking a moment to share our endeavors and the positive encouragement we have received.  Questions and inquiries are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.
Plant you now, dig you later,
Stacie & John

DID THE SHARK TOOTH GUY GET EATEN!!!!???  No, John has been working 6 days a week (real life job) and had a major ear infection that has kept him out of the water.  But, he has used that time to create some ideas/new lines that will be presented in November.  Small hint:

Website/Blog devoted to Shark and Fossil education (geared towards kids and “adults who are kids at heart”).

A new line of fossils that make for interesting displays for the serious collectors all the way down to someone who wants to own to prehistoric pencil holder!

Activities/links that you can participate in to learn more about fossils and have fun discovering (ages 4-100)
Stay tuned (be patient (but not 6 Million Years!)
Fossil Kits &   Healthy Treats:
Grandkid Favorites

Fossil kits are still available ($20-$60 including shipping). 

Interested in giving out shark teeth for Halloween instead of candy?  200 teeth/fossils (and cards explaining the fossils inside) : $35  (limited supplies).

Having a Halloween Party?          Chocolate is a must.
Chocolate Cheesecake….. $25
(Special Spooky Halloween Design)
Delivery included:
Naples/Bonita/FM residents

Tailgate Special for the man and woman: Chocolate chili (a robust sausage chili with hints of cinnamon and Mexican Chocolate).
Going to a Halloween Party or Holiday Event? Call and discuss how we can cater an easy but gourmet dish for you to bring ($19-$65)


Does your body feel like you are wearing a costume?  Does your skin look worse than a Mummy?....
Introducing Arbonne Essentials!
Just What Every Body Needs
Announcing the
Arbonne Essentials launch, nutritional solutions that are individually targeted to meet your body's needs. Formulated with active botanicals, the Arbonne Essentials line is comprised of 22 products, which support a range of areas including digestion, immunity boost, increased energy and weight management. 

Shop for Pure, Safe, & Beneficial skincare, nutrition, weight loss, aromatherapy, and color products.

A Halloween Treat for Mom or Dad!
What is your costume? Scared of those lines and wrinkles?   Arbonne has a treat for you!
This coupon entitles you to a 15% discount on any Arbonne order placed prior to Halloween!
Certified Vegan Makeup  (cow approved)

Arbonne Holiday

Fight Brain Aging & Stay Mentally Sharp
It’s never too late or too soon to start thinking about protecting your brain as you age. After age 40, we may notice our minds start to slip on occasion (don’t tell me if I’m the only one). It’s common to notice subtle or gradual changes in memory, perception, thinking, problem solving, and judgment. Fortunately, leading experts no longer believe this decline is an inevitable part of life. Your brain is hard-wired to change.

Freedom Waters Foundation
We have geared up for our first big event of the season, The Stonecrab Festival 
 Oct. 28—30, 2011!  
We are prominent at Tin City WE NEED YOU THERE!
The Shark Tooth Guy on Facebook

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