Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Long & Rainy Weekend

The boys had a long weekend.  We filled our time very well.  They even got to make an Arbonne sales call with me, my customer was so sweet to let me bring them along.

The house begins to look like Halloween with Ronan's homemade decorations.  When he was just old enough to hold a crayon, we would create homemade crafts and art to decorate for each holiday.  I am not creative so I usually turn to the internet for inspiration.  I was out for a little while and returned home to find John and the boys immersed in Halloween decorating activities.  Now, Ronan begins the process without prompting and creations I would never have imagined adorn our home.  Below is the first of the planned flying bat, ghost and jack-o-lantern.

Window stickies compliments of Miss Donna.

Lots of therapy for Riley to Dr. Steve Stohler's new chiropractic office location.  We are so fortunate to have Dr. Steve give his time and expertise to keeping Riley healthy.  One day soon I will share our introduction to Dr. Steve.  Then on to horseback riding at Naples Equestrian Challenge.  For the 3rd session in a row Riley performed beautifully, working hard without even being asked to push up and sit up, smiling all the while.  He does appear to perform better on the cooler, rainy days.  No pictures again... I was busy being Riley's sidewalker.

My mother has returned from up North.  We are all glad to have her back.  Ronan brought back another tradition the moment she returned... games.  We may all be a little gamed out after quite a bit of Monopoly Junior and Rummicub which he expects to play again this evening, I suspect the day will be full enough.  I'm glad he enjoys that time together:-)

Today he has Physical Therapy and later a school conference.

When I wonder where my time goes and how I accomplish not nearly as much as intended, I can look back and remember how these moments ate up my time.  I do need to get life on track.  But, all this care for Riley is invaluable to our future.  The healthier Riley is... the healthier our family is... it's worth every moment.  Admittedly though, I am quite challenged to put it all in perspective and time budgeted.

So, how do you all balance the needs of your special child with health care and educational needs which dominate the family life?

It is ADHD Awareness Week.  Here is a link to the current CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) newsletter with helpful articles.

We are all special.. by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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