Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Discover Arbonne, UK

Regular visitors to Rileys-Smile soon discover that I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International.  For me, Arbonne in an opportunity.  As Riley's mom, I started thinking of myself only as "caregiver."  Eventually, I needed to expand my life beyond the caregiver role for financial reasons, as well as my emotional health; Arbonne brings me an opportunity to improve my personal life as well as that of my entire family.  

There are many wonderful choices in the direct marketing world: shoes, vitamins and supplements as Arbonne does, gourmet foods (I do love food), kitchen items, energy bracelets, scrapbooks, soaps, candles, other personal care lines and even items for the bedroom (alright, I thought that would be fun to share with everyone).   Considering all these, I wanted to carry products that would truly be something I felt good using for my entire family.  Just looking at Riley, I knew he needed products for washing, cleaning and even massage that are botanically based and do not carry harmful chemicals - anything used on Riley (not to mention the rest of my family including my particular husband) has to be good for Riley.  The one line to really fill that need is Arbonne.

May I share this opportunity with you?  That I can even ask that here on the internet is amazing.  Here we can work together from my little corner of Florida to reach across the US and now to the United Kingdom and Australia.  I am no mystery; I put it all out there on this blog, you know who I am, how I think and what my challenges are in this life.  I ask that you investigate with an open mind and consider working with me toward a better future for yourself.

Where are you in your life? See where you want to go, focus on who you want to become, dream about the lives you want to touch,  then go make it happen.  This is such an incredible time to be a part of Arbonne!!!   I am choosing right now to move past all my fears and face the challenge before me.  No one else is going to put my kids through college, send my family on a missions trip, bring my husband home from his "JOB"...no one can give us the time and financial freedom we desire except for us!  We need to accept responsibility and go out and make it happen.  Let's lock arms and be stronger and better together!  I will do everything I can to help each one of you but you need to let me know how I can best help and serve you.  Accept responsibility for your business but know that support, guidance and encouragement are here every step of the way!!!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime!!  The GIFT of Arbonne!!!  Our company is a few years young in the UK.  It will either BE YOU or someone else!  EVERY SINGLE one of You have the OPPORTUNITY to be financially free and to CHANGE LIVES!!

You can be a part of the best company in the world as well as have the ability to leave a legacy for your family as well as many others.

Calendar of current opportunity events in the UK:
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Believe in me like I believe in you!!!! 
Stacie Wiesenbaugh, ID #18425803
Independent Arbonne Consultant


Arbonne is committed to the development of unparalleled products free of harmful ingredients, using a combination of botanical principles and scientific discovery. Our commitment begins with research and testing to ensure that each of our ingredients meets or exceeds industry standards for purity.

Arbonne personal care and nutrition products are Vegan-certified: Our formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.* We firmly believe that consumers have a fundamental right to know every ingredient in our products and we will continue to offer full disclosure through our published materials.

Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:
  • • Animal products or animal by-products
  • • Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
  • • Petroleum-based ingredients
    • • Benzene
    • • Mineral Oil
    • • Petrolatum
    • • Phthalates
    • • Toluene
  • • PABA
Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are formulated without:
  • • Artificial colors
  • • Artificial flavors
  • • Artificial sweeteners
  • • Animal products*
  • • Animal by-products*
  • • Cholesterol
  • • Saturated fats
  • • Trans fats 
As part of our ongoing commitment to ingredient excellence, we have been succesful in

replacing parabens by using other safe and effective preservation systems. We have also put into place an ingredient policy to screen out gluten and ingredients that contain GMO. We will continue to bring to market top-quality products that are carefully reviewed to meet our high standards of purity.

Simply put, network marketing is a distribution system, or form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a "network" of independent distributors or Consultants. It's a wonderfully effective system that cuts out the "middle man" found in most industries.

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