Friday, October 7, 2011

Return to Florida: Donna Lee

I would like to begin with a new years blessing.

It is going to be a Fantastic year, I can feel it!  As was this summer.

As you all know, my brother received my bone marrow, and as of today, his latest biopsy shows 91% of it being his own. Thank you God. The month of September I spent with my 14 month-old grandson, helping him to adjust to daycare and spending as much time as possible bonding with him. He rode his first choo choo train with "safta" (grandma in Hebrew). I was very privileged to have had that time with him.

Presently I am back in Naples, Florida and my first visit, after mom, was to Riley and his family. Riley had a tough summer, involving seizures and coughs, increasing his muscle tone, tightening them, as well as his tendons and ligaments. After not seeing him for 4 months, I noticed how much he has grown, especially taller. He seemed to have enjoyed the massage, because, as I pointed out in a previous blog, he vocalizes and sings to me.

I started out wishing us all a wonderful new year, or Shana Tova (Hebrew), filled with good health, happiness and productivity. This week I will resume my volunteer work at Naple's Equestrian Challenge, become a more active participant in Freedom Waters Foundation organization, continue dancing with my buddies from the Federation For Developmentally Disabled, at Fred's Diner, every Tuesday evening, and of course, visit Riley on a weekly basis. Being part of these activities, gives me the energy of life and fills my soul with true abundance. Thank you God.

Donna Lee
Nameste v'Shalom

New digital Parenting Specialneeds Magazine is out today.

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FWF Made the News in Naples tonight!  Thank you to Paul Gessler who did a great job on the story at ABC!

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Here's to what we do!  Thank you all who Make it Happen! 


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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

wonderful! i am so happy about your brotheras well! your world sounds so full, sogladto get to share it even if only via blog world.much love jane xxx