Friday, July 15, 2011

A letter from United Cerebral Palsy Regarding Medicaid


Medicaid is under attack, and as supporters and members of the disability community, our voices must be heard. Mark Perriello, the new CEO of American Association of People with Disabilities, and I met with leaders in the White House yesterday to discuss potential cuts to Medicaid. We took several families, whose daily lives depends on Medicaid for support, to tell their stories.  They included:
  • Anna Liebenow, who has Multiple Sclerosis and relies on an aide to help her in and out of a wheelchair every day. Without Medicaid support, Anna is unable to volunteer, work, and lead a full, independent life.  With significant cuts to Medicaid, she'd stop working and stop paying taxes. That certainly won't help our economic recovery.
  • Micah Hetrick is 22 and has Down syndrome. He recently received his high school diploma and volunteers in his local library. He has the assistance of a provider through Medicaid. Without this support, Micah’s mother, Sue, is forced to stay at home and is unable to work full time.
  • Linda Guzman is raising her 17-year-old son, Javi, while working full-time.  Javi, who has autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, receives services through Medicaid, including medical care, an aide to be with him while his mother works, and training in the life skills he needs to achieve greater independence and reach his potential. These families put a human face on the issue, and show that this is not just about dollars and cents, but real lives.

Many people wrongly view Medicaid as "a huge government welfare giveaway to lazy people." In fact, more than 8 million people with disabilities and their families benefit from Medicaid. What will happen to Anna, Micah and Javi if these services are cut?

The level of cuts range between $100 billion to $770 billion!! With Social Security and Medicare back on the negotiating table, Medicaid, which lacks a powerful constituency, will be lost in the fog. Our voices must be heard!

Please read more about this issue and join the conversation.  Millions need your help.

Please make a contribution today and keep us in the fight while sending a powerful message to Washington.

Thank you for your support.


Stephen Bennett
President and CEO

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