Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Nephew Tyler Races/Walks for the Cure

I celebrate and share when my family gives me the opportunity.... So here is Tyler once again on the cover of the Aspen Times.... that reminds me to go digging through my scrap book.

This pic I’m attaching I got from online, but it was on the cover of Sunday’s paper here.  Tyler did the 5K Race for the Cure with his friend Wilson.  T is sporting a new crew cut in the black Aspen Lacrosse shirt (Chile and he got one last week).  Claudia did it too.  We were a part of my friend, Bess’s team, who got breast cancer this year.  It was really fun!

Kara Smart

I have had an aura shift since my last visit to Integrity Biofeedback revealed opposing aura's.  They tell me this is good, I will have to trust them.


Adriana Iris said...

today i thank the universe for nieces and nephews. thanks for the wonderful comment.

kara said...

Now Tyler's a star! No really, have to say my friend Bess is who has fought cancer like a champ!