Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Webkinz of My Own

Today is very special.
It happens to be my birthday and it is the first time I have had the pleasure of having
the festivities organized by a six year old.
There has been quite a bit of whispering behind closed doors.
No birthday is complete without a Bakugan card and many many hearts.
Ronan naturally planned for Riley as well... one cd full of my favorite music
and a detailed birthday card signed by Riley.
Isn't it sweet!  I do wonder if Ronan consulted Riley on this card.
Promptly at 6:30 am this morning, Ronan marched downstairs and presented me with
"Mommy Clown Fish"
Exactly how I feel today!
And my Sweetheart has been paying attention... as if there is ever a time he doesn't...
I received the hinted at, super luxurious pillow... may as well make the most of the little sleeping I do.
My card played a snippet of the song "I will survive..."
Quite appropriate.
However, it got a little surreal later.
Ronan went of to NEC camp with Daddy.
Dropped Riley at Karl J. Drews.
I went to brave the lovely Miss Jaimie's spinning class...
and the choice song of the day... "I Will Survive."
Could the universe be telling me something.
I share this day with my beautiful sister Kara (below with Steve). 
 Six years apart, both Wed. 4:20 am, 7'6".
Signing off now... I have boys to collect and a Webkinz to feed.

Oh, one more thing of note... my friend Paul is seeking cookbook entries
Cannot help myself but share, any chef's out there willing to try....
"Working on new cocktails book about Bloody Marys (Hail Marys: Fresh Twists on a Bloody Great Cocktail). The boring boozy salad we all grew up with is being re-engineered with exotic ingredients such as aquavit, tequila, whiskey, rosemary-infused vodka, wasabi, pickled white turnips and eggs, beef jerky swizzles, anchovies. I’d welcome recipes (credit and thanks given)."
by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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Anonymous said...

Great birthday memories being made today!!! Love Mommy Clown Fish!!! Have a fabulous day!!!!