Friday, July 15, 2011

NEC Horse Show #2

It has been a very full week.  Yesterday was a wonderful today with so many birthday wishes, facebook is so much fun with all the attention on birthday's.  Finished up the day collecting Riley from Camp Sunshine at Karl J. Drews then onto his horseback riding class at Naples Equestrian Challenge.  His instructor for the summer, Miss Robin, conducted an end of class song from all the families and volunteers present to sing "Happy Birthday" for me.  We headed off home, worrying car problems, but we'll think about that tomorrow.  Chinese for dinner, our usual choice for celebrations.

Below Riley returns from the ring a little hot and tired.

Ronan had his last day of riding camp, it is an integrated program for special needs and typically developing riders.  I watched his second horseshow of the summer and took lots of pictures as instructed to share with Daddy.

Another camper receives his trophy!

Nick gets a cleanup before the day is over.
Then we headed out to visit Miss Rebekah and her family for a playdate.  Then up north again to collect Riley and by then we had all had it.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll plan a real post, but I enjoyed sharing the experience in pictures for a change.

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by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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