Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Neurosurgery Clinic Over for the Year

The Neurosurgery Clinic for Riley for the year is now behind us.  Dr. Storrs found little change.

The VP Shunt is either doing it's job or not functioning.  For now, we wait and should his condition dictate a revision is needed, we will take care of it then.  Now there is a plan I support.  No reason to turture Riley unless necessary.

The clinic took place at All Children's in Fort Myers.  Our PT happily changed Riley's day so we did not need to make the drive two days in a row.  Our OT provided a new hand splint to help Riley open up his left hand more.  All went smoothly, which is not the usual result of any appointment involving a doctor.

My poor 2001 Jeep Cherokee overheated on the way home.  Everything in the car is just a little tired now, but it will have to keep going just like me. The boys and I spent an hour plus in a hot Florida parking lot allowing the engine to cool before we went on home.  I was so pleased to have the appointment result in "see you next year"  that the wait did not bother me.  Riley had the lunch packed earlier and Ronan had a DS to entertain him.  Everything was as well as I could hope it to be for the moment.

Now to plan for the start of school next week.

Anyone of a special needs appointment story to share?

We are all special... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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