Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts

Wondering what to bring to your next baby shower? Let our Top 10 list guide your choice.

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

No matter how formal or informal the baby shower is, you still need to bring baby gifts to the future mom. Choosing a great gift for a baby shower is a matter of knowing the mom well and of getting something thoughtful, personal and useful. Here are our top 10 baby shower gift choices.

Children’s books

There’s nothing more wonderful for a baby than to grow up being read stories to. It opens up the imagination and it helps develop listening and eventually reading abilities. If you are literary-minded, getting children’s books is a great gift.

Baby shoes

Babies’ feet grow super fast and they will need a constant supply of baby shoes. Some great designers like PediPed are making practical AND fashionable shoes for babies. You can’t just buy one pair!

Baby tub

Baths are too big for babies, and toddlers quickly grow out the kitchen sink (ew!). So why not give a customizable baby tub that will last until your baby’s big enough for the bath? And it’s hygienic, too!

Bouncy seat

The classic bouncy seat is always a great choice if you’re not really sure about what to get the new parents. Bouncy seats keep baby safe and occupied while mom and dad go around preparing dinner or cleaning the house. Choose one with colourful, interesting activities.

Baby sling or carrier

Baby slings are hot these days, with celebrity and ordinary moms alike using them. It’s not only practical for mom and dad, but also fashionable (some great fabrics out there) and it helps strengthen the parent-infant bond through close body contact. We love them!

Baby sleeping bag

Blankets can be dangerous to babies if they get it around their necks, so baby companies like Halo have come up with armless sleeping bags to keep your baby cozy and safe at night. Be original by choosing funky colors!

Travel kit

Everyone knows a parent who forgot something at home while out with baby. With a baby travel kit, this won’t happen again: a diaper bag, some diapers, extra clothes, a bottle and some baby formula, small toys and cleaning wipes are all you really need.

Play mat

Like the bouncing seat, the play mat is a great way to keep baby busy. Choose one that will last for a while through many different activities that will gradually interest baby as it grows up.

Nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is kind of new in the baby care landscape, but it’s definitely a relief for mom’s tired arms. Fits in any lap, keeps baby stable while mom feeds him and it comes in various styles and colors. A welcome addition to any new mom’s kit.

Car seat

A staple of any baby shower, the car seat is definitely a must. Choose from a reputable company that produces safe and sturdy seats like Graco.

There are many other gifts available: a gift card for baby clothes, hand-knitted booties or hats… Just use your imagination and you’ll give a great gift!


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