Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week of Success and Childhood Heartbreak

The fundraiser Friday at Chico's The Company Store for Naples Equestrian Challenge was a great success!  I gathered my carpoolers and arrived a few minutes after 4 pm to discover the warehouse hopping.  Our participants were serious shoppers.  By the end of our allotted time the check-out line snaked back around the clothing racks and everyone had armloads of loot.

I am so excited to discover the results and want to hear everyone's experience.  Thank you Chico's!


Three years ago Ronan entered Bobbi Noonan's VPK.  As the year went on, one of the other Dad's, Don,  and I set up regular playdates for the boys to give each other some child free afternoons.  Ronan and Ethan became inseparable and adored each other from the start, even asking for sleep overs.

SWFL has been particularly hard hit by the economy and Ethan's parents have decided to relocate to Florida's east coast where businesses are significantly busier and his mom has already found a great new position as interior decorator extraordinaire.  We are all so happy for the family for making so many positive changes in their life!  We will miss them dreadfully, however.  Ronan has taken his loss very hard.

"Can we move to Fort Lauderdale too?" he asked through tears last week.

"No, for now we will stay here but you will still be friends." I tried to comfort him.

"But, I love him!"  Now I was heartbroken as well.

Friends forever pose with their teacher, the beautiful Miss Lauren.

Always the sweetest and most considerate child I have ever met outside of my own.  Ethan considers Riley his next best buddy.  Riley has a friend!  And he's leaving...
Ronan sobbed all the way to school that morning, heartbroken.

We will still have playdates!  Better gas up the car.

Early Thursday morning after the last sleep over Ethan heads out the door to Fort Lauderdale with his new lion webkinz, "Mr. Ronan."

Late that evening a picture came through my cell from the amazing Ms. Maija.  Ms. Maija is Riley's other friend forever as well.  Ethan held his new buddy tight and hasn't let go since.

Yes, Ethan you are still part of this family.  We all love you.

We are all special... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Aw! What a telling story. It is so hard to lose friends. The pictures are very cute

Cinnamon said...

That's so sad. I hope the playdates happen real soon for him. Good friends are hard to come by.


Camilleta said...

Aww, that's so sad that they had to move away!! =( The pictures are precious.

I changed my blog url earlier today, so that is what may have caused the confusion.

Thanks for the follow! Have a great week. =)