Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yesterday's Lesson for Mommy

I know my son.

I am familiar with his limitations.  In many ways, as Riley grows life has more challenges; for one reason, his muscles cannot support his growing body and continually meeting goals is not his reality.

So, yesterday being a rainy, dreary day here with lots on our schedule including an evening meeting for Riley to set through and have me feed him his dinner during presentation... I simply went through the motions and brought only the supplies I had to have, which being special needs means plenty of stuff must be on hand.

The camera was given passing thought but left behind.  I have lugged it every riding lesson for months on end and did not plan on getting it wet for no reason.  Riley has not sat well for a horseback riding picture in some time.  Naples Equestrian Challenge is currently getting a good turn out on volunteers and once again this fall I had the pleasure of watching from ringside.  Watching without my camera as Riley performed the best he has on a horse in the past year!  Riley pushed with everything he had to sit up tall on Pick A Spot's back, he turned at the sound of his sidewalkers Rhonda and Deb, and laughed when they trotted and he responded over the low jump.  Was it the cool weather? Was Riley simply pulling it all together?  Did having a PT as his sidewalker (Deb usually circulates the ring) help him maneuver into place?  Does in matter?  Riley worked hard, he interacted, he had fun and I got to witness it.

Yes, my son can have really great days and I never know when they are coming.  Carry that camera Mom!

No, I have no picture to share his hard work with you!  Or to remind myself how hard Riley works and that he can still improve.

I can show you a link to Parenting Special Needs for for helpful files to download including a SMILE poster for your classrooms and workplaces.

We are all special... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

how wonderful!!

pglm said...

even without a camera---you captured his great day...for yourself and for us. As you described
the afternoon--I found myself smiling and wanting to clap for Riley have a great day....

I love watching and hearing as your boys--all three of them---grow up.....happy evening...