Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogging Worldwide

 Found the a wonderful surprise in my email this morning:

Riley's Smile

Mary Rebecca created the adorable new Riley's Smile Button for her Blogging Worldwide project.
Isn't it great?

The boys and I are on our own again this morning.  John is working yet another Sunday and sees this Sunday morning only project going through next summer.  I am missing my husband and the boys definitely miss their Dad.  Ronan is being a very understanding six year old.  He rose as usual before 6 am, got out of bed on his own, dressed and came downstairs and entertained  himself (or rather cared for his herd) on Webkinz allowing me to focus on Riley.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

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Terri. said...

I am a new follower from the Tiki Hut hop. Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and check it out and follow back

island girl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my site, Your site is great and Riley is fabulous! :) Thank you for sharing. Have a fabulous weekend :)

Cinnamon said...

I love the new button. It's gorgeous.

Glad Ronan has fun with his "herd". I know alot of adults that have herds too on Farmville and all those other games that I am NOT addicted to. (I only play one, so I'm not like them...LOL)

Have a great weekend.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Love your new button. I enjoy reading all your posts.