Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrate the Kindergartner

Today is all about celebration! 
Today, Ronan is a Kindergarten Graduate!
Not so long ago, we had forgotten the meaning of celebration.
Ronan is largely the reason.  He is pure joy.
I talk about bringing the smile back to Riley and our family, Ronan is largely responsible for its return.
I am thankful our family has discovered it again.
 So sorry Honey... you are the father of a First Grader!
 He has been awarded "Student of the Year" and "Marital Arts Student of the 4th Quarter!"
Yes, Celebration has returned.  I nearly thought it would never be again.

May I share a post from another blog when reminds me of those times... but without the nurse who shows up in the night.
It is possible for life to improve.
Thank you for my beautiful, magical sons!



Oh Honestly Erin said...

Congratulations to Ronan! He's a real cutie! I'm glad that he has given your family reason to celebrate. <3

ReRe said...

Stacie, Yes, both your sons are magical because of the beautiful world you and John provide for both of them in so many ways. Thank you for sharing the day and as always your the joy.

Mom blog by Texasholly said...

Love it! Here from Blog Frog's Mom Loop...


YAY! Congratulations!