Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Play Bus Driver Roulette Again

Tuesday I discovered an actual message on my phone from the ESE Supervisor for Lee CountySchools Transportation.   Someone from the Department was calling me without my even  making the first phone call. 

This could not be good news.  And so I heard it... for the sixth time this school year they were changing Riley's bus driver.  "This will be Mr. Dave's last day.  He is retiring at the end of the work day today..."  My eyes were growing wider with every word.  The caller had already anticipated my reaction.  "Sheryl in our office has made arrangements for Krystal to return as your driver."  Oh, thank goodness.  They already knew that Momma Bear needed some appeasement.

When the bus arrived Mr. Dave was met with camera and lecture for not letting me know sooner.  I have been grateful for his pleasant ways and caring manner with my son.  Most of the time the people are wonderful... but I still believe that ESE buses need a little extra attention to staffing as I mentioned previously.  However, I have discovered it is a behemoth organization with very high walls and are dealing with a poor economy just like the rest of us.

Wednesday morning arrived... without Krystal.  Thursday morning arrived and still there stands a substitute.  We miss Krystal.  At least they did not send us back those two from last September.  So, as long as the bus system can send us reasonable drivers who can at least greet my son and watch over his well-being  while in their care I can handle the Bus Driver Roulette game.

Happy Retirement Mr. Dave!  Riley and I wish you well.

We are all special... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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