Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Night at Fred's - Guest Post by Donna Lee

Tuesday night at Fred's is the place to be.  The one and only Omar donates his time and talent, entertains us and keeps us dancing all night long. The kids adore him and wait from week to week to come to his show.

Tony, the owner and head chef, graciously opens his heart and establishment to the FFDD (Floridians for the Future of the Developmentally Disabled) members and guests, making sure all our whims and fancies are met.

I have grown to love these "kids."  I say kids because I truly feel they are my own kids. They are young adults, with full lives, activities and jobs, just like my own children.  I look forward to seeing them, chatting with them and hearing what occurred that week, how their work and lives are going. I have never enjoyed dance partners more than with these fantastic lovers of movement and song.  Ron knows every lyric of each song. Mark entertains us with his beautiful voice.  Erica dances in her wheelchair and teaches me sign  language in between sets.  Every one is an intricate part and personality, making this group very special and unique. 
Jen, who took these great photos, is our phone tec. She owns and drives her own car and  is an expert when it comes to working an Iphone.  Gloria and her husband supervise and chauffeur . Maureen is a usual, like me.  Paul is our head bar tender and comic. His smile and attitude is purely love. He makes us giggle and smile with his jokes and adorable comments, making each and everyone of us feel even more welcome .
The high point of the evening is desert with Ralph. This has become a tradition for he and I.   It is well worth the calories and is usually a contest who can eat fastest, before one finishes the others' portion. This night Paul made us a Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream special. I could taste the whole hearted attention Paul put into it. Thanks Paul.

Fred's is one of the only dog friendly establishments in Naples. Om and I visit it, as so do many local dog lovers. 

In other words, Fred's is the hot spot of Naples. It's a special kind of place, with special owners and employees, that I have grown to appreciate and I thank you ALL. I invite one and all to come and experience a Tuesday night at Freds. 

B'ahava Nameste

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