Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Alright With Me...

Funny, I felt my stomach tightening just pulling into the parking lot for Vacation Bible School.  Handicap Parking is always filled with unauthorized users.  This person likely was picking up children learning the same lesson I just heard all the way home.  "God is watching all of us."

"So", I wonder "Am I a bad Catholic for resenting this violation?"  Perhaps... but if I do not object to this abuse no one else will.  I find this at each and every school we have participated in since Riley landed in his wheelchair.  I should have left my note... unfortunately, it was extremely hot and our air conditioning is broken so I did not write the traditional note and approached only this vehicle and not the other two violators.  Shame on me for allowing this to happen I suppose.  It is not alright with me and I am not done yet.

This is my discovery today..., a website for reporting the Handicapped Parking Fraud.  I wonder if it works.  I hope it does.

Meanwhile, time for me to wrestle with my religion... oh wait, first Riley needs lunch, then therapy... then a snack.  Ok, I'll wrestle with it in the next life and for the most part leave it to the other bloggers.

We are all special... especially those who have the deserve the handicapped parking over Riley... Stacie

6/15 update... There were three violators yesterday and a different three today one of which remained throughout the day.  My church and the volunteer coordinator wants the volunteers and parishioners to park as they will and requested me to leave it alone.  This is the same attitude I have encountered at each and every school, church and organization we have been involved with.  No, special needs does not get the support.  You may want to believe they do but it is a misconception.

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