Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Mr. Tie-Dye

Ronan rose earlier than usual and donned a tie-dye shirt, he would not be Ronan without it.  He has been counting down to this day for two months.  This is the day he and my mother, Kappi as he calls her, fly to New Hampshire.  I received an early Mother's Day Card, a butterfly and a great big kiss and hug and wave good-bye. 

I felt the tears welling as John pulled the car away.  Ronan's huge smile never ceased.  He has not the slightest trepidation.  Yes, I am hurt and will miss him dreadfully for the next five days.  But something is oh so right about it.  I also just received the most wonderful mother's day gift and I have had it for quite some time, but sometimes I need a little reminder.

My son is happy.  My son is confident.  My son is ready to live his life.  Riley will never experience these things as Ronan can.  Riley has been disappointed by life... that is not to say it is necessarily all bad... Ronan on the other hand can share in his brothers experience and still have hope and happiness. 

Perhaps this vitality of Ronan's is a gift that Riley has given to all of us?  Perhaps John and I have learned to live beyond this experience ourselves and it shows in our youngest child?  Our life experience and outlook has changed so dramatically since Riley's birth that we approach life radically different than we may have done.   

To see Riley, life somewhere went very wrong.  To see Ronan, life has gone very right.

Today I share a post from Bird On the Street... it felt as if she put my own thoughts as a special needs parent into words.

We are all special.... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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