Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Six years John and I lived the two career couple married life.

Six years.

Six years of love.  Six years of supporting each other, learning about ourselves and our spouse, building toward a strong future, creating a home, a social network, careers, investing in causes we believed in... John enjoyed rollerblading... I roller-bladed (sometimes I stayed upright).  I wanted to contribute... John organized beach clean ups with me and trekked to the Wildlife Waystation each weekend.  John wished to dive... we earned our PADIcertification, I received the advanced certification (just enough to go most places we desired to go) and he continued through to a rescue certification. 
Above, John at the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Those six years were difficult, challenging, amazing and loving.  I frequently revisit those years in my mind... the good and the bad.  The relationship we built in that time is the foundation we live upon now.

One day I felt different.  It will go away, I am just not feeling well I told myself.
I believe this was taken on Henry's Beach.

It did not go away... I was pregnant.  In that moment our life and who we were were forever changed.

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