Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small Portion of a Life's Journey: Why I Haven't Posted Regularly

Small Portion of a Life's Journey: Why I Haven't Posted Regularly: "I still have in my possession an overflowing computer folder of information to share, but recently I've kept a huge secret that I have let e..."
I share this because Ms. Harper deserves recognition for her amazing efforts and a strong future for her new Foundation, The Brayden Alexander Global Foundation for Hydranencephaly.

 Excerpt from Rays of Sunshine...
"The Brain InHydranencephalyBasically Hydranencephaly indicates that a child is missing much or most of their cerebral hemispheres, that is, the two masses of folded brain tissue (cortex) that surround the brain stem.  Literally "anencephaly" means "without brain", but this is technically incorrect as a term for the cases to which it is applied, which almost invariably have a brain stem. The brain stem is most definitely a part of the brain, and a very important part of the brain.. However, many children have some of their cerebral hemispheres so can use these and learn to do more than would be expected by this diagnosis. Just as all children are different, all children with Hydranencephaly are different as well. What may be a major difficulty for one child (like seizures) may not even be present in another." 

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