Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday evening on the Princess with Freedom Waters

The weather on Friday evening was perfect, making the waters calm and the skies beautiful from aboard the Naples Princess. This is my first time "cruising" with Freedom Waters. Knowing many of the volunteers from different venues, I felt right at home. Stacie and the gang joined us, including Grandmom Kathy.  Ronan was full of energy and excitement, charming, as always.

Riley was very comfy on mom's lap, sipping on his almond milk, interrupted by leg tremors, that were obviously painful, seen on his face and felt in the raised muscle tone. After massaging a flexing his little foot, he found some relief.

Ronan proceeded to investigate the ship, discovering the upper deck. The view was magnificent, especially when the sunset and the stars began to appear and glow. The summer breeze was comforting and the happy sounds of the group filled my heart as we were gliding on the waters with ease and breeze.

We headed back to port and our two tired boys needed to go home and be put to bed. The excitement and sea air tiredus all.  Being on board with the sailors was a pleasant first encounter for me. I am looking forward to next season and being out on the waters with Freedom Waters, watching the participantsfaces and bodies react to the pleasures of boating.


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