Friday, May 13, 2011

Opposing Aura's

The ghostly figures represent Riley and myself in a biofeedback system.  Strangely Riley and I have completely opposite aura's.  The differences were patiently explained to me at Integrity Biofeedback.  My takeaway is how the difference in our acceptance of God.  Lavender, in the biofeed representation, represents the divine presence.  My aura shows God surrounding me and trying to enter.  Riley has accepted God and is scene within him.  Below is Riley's aura first and then mine.

I have a long way to go on this journey.

Brenda and Sharron of Integrity Biofeedback have been a very important part of this journey.  When we allowed PIC/HopeHospice into our lives we were blessed with the wonderful presence of Mrs. Lucy.  As a hospice volunteer, Mrs. Lucy made regular visits to our home to take Riley out of our arms for a short while.  She in turn introduced us to Brenda and Sharron.  These engaging women offered to help relieve the frequent and difficult seizures Riley was suffering at the time through quantum feedback.   They discovered very quickly upon entering our home a profound sense of hopelessness.  Truly, at that time no one within proximity could miss it.  They however, made it their mission to aid us in our recovery.
Regular visits to their office have been a very large part of our recovery and self discovery.  I am so grateful for all of them; Lucy, Sharron and Brenda.  We have come a very long way and they are a very large part of our journey of healing.

We are all special... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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