Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Moment to Breathe

My greatest challenge is simply the constancy of being a special needs mom.

John, my husband, would prefer that I not use that term, "special needs."  Everyone has their issues and he is correct.  I see this one issue as unique and something which should certainly be address.  We have one special needs child and one typically developing child... there is definitely a difference in raising the two.  For instance, Ronan, the typical child, is out at a Pokemon Tournament with "Kappy" (my mom Kathy).  John is fossil diving  in preparation for a presentation tomorrow morning at The Village School.  Riley is naturally right beside me.  

Riley has been right beside me all day and all night.  He requires constant vigilance.  Even as I write this post I am half aware of my task while I watch and listen to his every breath.  He is working very hard in his stander, because as you may remember that is very important for his well being.  This is however, my moment to breathe as he is not actually in my arms at this moment nor am I holding his hand while he sits beside me.  Only recently have I gained these precious moments and I remember all too well what it is like to exist without them.  We have come very far... especially Riley and I am proud of his amazing achievement to be able to process and live in this challenging world.

There will be more on this... I am not really certain how to communicate this constant alertness.  Fortunately, as I mentioned before, this is a blog and I have time.   Though I was kind of looking forward to the end of the world yesterday... oh well, guess we keep on going!  Perhaps there is another parent out there who knows how to explain this who may be willing to share?

Better go now... he has been in that stander long enough and must be quite thirsty by now!

We are all special... by Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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Kaetysmom said...

Funny...I too was "disappointed" that the world kept on going. Guess that in itself describes the stress we have to endure caring for our special children!