Sunday, May 8, 2011

Derby at Noodles Wrap Up

Working side by side with Stacie, the NEC staff and volunteers at the Derby Party at Noodles Cafe, in Naples, was great fun.  We are all there for one purpose, to raise money in order to keep this wonderfully important program running so that Riley and his friends, of all ages, can continue to attend their riding sessions.

We are quite a team, as always. When we have a mission, especially the clean up (we perfected that at the wine festival), the efficiency is incredible.

Learning to use the intuit credit card swipers, attached to the ipad, was a bit complicated for my simple mind. I seriously think we were being tested, another I.Q. test, which I failed. But, selling raffle tickets was a challenge that I dove into and passed.  Everyone there was very supportive and gladly bought a ticket or more, to win an entire wheel barrel of BOOOOOOOOZE, $1000 worth. 

Stacie and I took a break and joined my good friends, Muffy and Christine, for a bite and laughs. It was so nice to have Stacie to ourselves, allowing her to relax and enjoy the derby race with us.

The patrons were dressed in their derby outfits, decked out in fancy hats, which were later judged. Scholarships were presented to three young volunteers, who have dedicated many years to the children and horses, which made us all very proud. 

It was a very exciting and fun afternoon. Everyone opened their  hearts to Naples Equestrian Challenge, allowing us to keep on working towards our mission, the riders' and horses' ability
to grow stronger together.

The fun part was getting some 20 balloons in the car, which I delivered, the next day, to Gymnastic World of Naples, so that Anthony (our red face painted shaman friend from the Koreshan's drum circle) could hand them out to his energetic gymnasts, just another way of NEC spreading  joy and happiness to children with special needs.

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