Sunday, April 24, 2011

Koreshan Drums

Earth Day called us to Koreshan State Historic Site.  The colony established on this land believed our universe to be concave.  What took me so long to get there?  My world is inside out too! .  Once intended to be a New Jerusalem, the park is idyllic.  Of course, on this day "idyllic" depends on just how much you enjoy drums.  Riley loves drums!  (Although they do not quite measure up to Blues in his estimation.)  Miss Debby found a perfect spot beneath the palms where we could view the drum circle and have plenty of room around us.

Drum circles are the perfect place to bring Riley.  He participates readily and finds an accepting community with the regulars.  We brought our adorable folk drum from Riley's godmother Sue and gave it a sound beating.  As we drummed, nowhere near the beat, that would be my fault, familiar faces emerged from the crowd. 

Donna Lee appeared and claimed Ronan as a dance partner.
Mr.Mike takes a few minutes to play with Riley.
Miss Angela finds us.  Apologies to Mr. Bill - missed you with my camera.  And then Mr. Anthony claimed Riley to dance in the circle.  Perhaps some of you know Anthony for leading the Sunday morning Special Needs open gym at Gymnastics World in Naples.  Clearly he's great in that role!

Then, hiding behind Bills shirt, one of us had heard enough.

Wishing you all Happy Easter.  Stacie Wiesenbaugh


Debby Frenkel said...

Stay I love your blog. So glad you and the boys came out. Good to see you always! And, thanks for letting me hold Riley and tickle Ronan! Looking forward to our next hanging out. Oh, that's right, this Saturday! Yay!! :-)
Much love to you and your boys -- yes, all of them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, obviously, I need to proofread better. That first word is Stacey! If you can change it somehow, please do! big hugs

donna lee said...

Stacie, Thanks for coming to the circle and taking pics, i'm too busy dancing, as usual. Ronen is the best dance partner i have ever had. EveryONE there plays an important role in the magical energy on earth day. As we say on passover, "Next year in New Jerusalem"!
I'll be seeing you before that, for sure(:
Have a great day, and a fantastic week.