Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Over the past eight years, part of my mission is to balance all the elements to keep Riley and this family as healthy and whole as possible.  Balance remains my greatest day to day challenge.  

Riley is home from school with a cough... sick again.  He requires constant vigilance.  I feel each ineffectual cough in his tiny body against mine as a violent burst.  Soon the leg tremors will begin and my own shakes will soon follow. Over the years my poor nerve endings have been fried... more on this later.  He is taking a moment in his chair to breathe while breakfast cools.  Breakfast will be an hour, it always is.  Then out of the chair, position change is necessary.  Hopefully we'll manage some stretching if he can breathe well enough. Soon lunch will begin.... another hour.  A blog sentence here and there.  An Arbonne call here and there.  Wash his sheets.... again.

Riley's needs come first.  As I can work in all the other requirements of the day and keep myself sane during it all.  Ignore Shirley Maclaine's insistence on tv this morning... I have no intention of living life again!  How funny that her website just posted "The balance of singularity and unity." Forget it, got enough going on right in my own living room.  Is Riley safe and comfortable... what can I accomplish real quick while he is?
The above photo was taken a couple weeks ago at the Collier County Museum Old Florida Days, or something like that.... clearly my memory has been fried along with my nerves.  In an effort to be balance and not trapped in our own home I do try to get out with the boys regularly.... sometimes it takes someone else to push it along.  I am grateful my family has Lisa and Livia in our lives willing to accomodate our great production.  Such friends are few and far between.

Had a lot more on my mind regarding balance... but to be in balance, it's time to move along.  Thanks to those who are listening!  Welcome Singapore!


Rileys Smile said...

And welcome India! You "Brookies" were beginning to hurt my feelings:-)

Teresa said...

Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

You can access info online @

Stacie Wiesenbaugh said...

Thank you Teresa. Riley does have a script for his nebulizer. Our goal is actually to help him cough everything out to keep his lungs healthy. Since all of his muscles are so weak even his cough isn't very effective but needs to happen. Though there are times when the cough has just exhausted him and I'll look for the Pei pa koa. Sounds like a great one for my younger son too. Seems that doctors would just as soon I take him to the ER when he's ill... but my experience is avoid it as long as possible.