Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bus Driver Roulette

This year we began with two miserable human beings as Riley's bus driver and assistant.  Every morning I felt sick to my stomach when I handed him over to them.  A simple "hello" was completely beyond them and I always wondered how if Riley received any aid at all during the long trip.  When he returned home his head was often stuck underneath the head rest.  They did not care.  There will be "more on this later" to uncover the transportation story.  One day substitutes arrived with great big smiles and "hello's."  They misery women had "bid" off the bus and I danced in the street.  Thank you, thank you for taking this on with great big hearts!

What I didn't understand at the time is that as substitutes these two had to be switched out every time someone else with higher status made a bid.  Our busload of special needs children are going to find the driver changed for the fifth time this year come Monday morning.  I also have no power.  The Lee County Public Schools Transportation Department on two occasions in the past 4 years has only twice even attempted to discuss my son's transportation issues.  I've sought help from every source in the school system but it appears that Transportation is completely isolated and insulated from addressing any concerns.

They have their systems and must abide by union rules, etc.  However, I do not understand why they cannot even communicate with the parents of their very precious cargo.  They are delivering a child... not my mail.  Which by the way, my husband wonders why I would even attempt to take on Transportation and declares I may as well take USPS to task.
Monday morning we lose Krystal.  I am grateful that for a little while Riley had a driver who truly cared about her charges.  It may well be that the new gentleman will be just as wonderful.  It may also be that he may be just as miserable as the first two.  

Welcome to bus driver roulette.

Anyone else out there have similar experiences?  Anyone fortunate enough to achieve a dialogue with Transportation?  I really would like to hear about it.

Stacie Wiesenbaugh

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