Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phoebe and Valerie

Songstress "Phoebe Snow dies at 60" is about all I could gather from the brief obituary in our local newspaper.  John brought Phoebe Snow to my attention yesterday.  For John, she brings back the love of music he shared with his father who introduced Poetry Man to him as a child.  John had followed her career and adored her music.  To me, she is a model of strength to emulate.  Her career was quickly derailed giving birth to her daughter, Valerie.  Despite the challenge, she dedicated herself to Valerie,  who suffered a traumatic event at birth leaving her with multiple disabilities.  Phoebe did this at a time when disabled children were often institutionalized and forgotten.  Their story is shared below and this post title on a YouTube link.  Listen here to Take Your Children Home.

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