Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

It's a day of celebration here.  It's my mother's birthday today.  We are all so grateful to have her nearby.  Just knowing she is close helps keep us just a little more grounded.
 Yes, I do believe this is from the seventies... but it's the one in my computer... low energy remember.  Hmm, it seems that those chops are coming back.  Here's another one from the seventies, Halifax, Nova Scotia if I remember correctly.  Uh oh, are you adding up that 28 yet.
... and Wednesday should have been my parents anniversary.  It's been seventeen years since I lost my Dad.  I remember him every day.  It is these past eight years that I realize I needed him the most.  His perspective and participation in our lives would have been invaluable in all the experiences we have gone through since Riley's birth.  Mostly though, I just miss my Dad.

These past few days I struggled to find time and energy to formulate the next post.  My mission to share the special needs life is laden with emotion.  Then I realized that the difficulty is my post.  This niche post is about special needs and it isn't easy to accomplish everything.  Riley's last illness still hangs on and I have spent many hours in the night comforting him and trying to find a little sleep for myself.

Once the day comes along, I simply go through the motions.  However, there is no end to my blessings either.  Riley is patient and loving.  John always has more to give no matter what he encounters in his day.  We have also found a support system along the way.  Donna Lee dropped in again.  This time to make sure I start on a Pilates regimen ... ouch.  In the past 24 hours, John has had plenty of work, sold a beautiful fossil (I suspect he'll miss that one), sold Arbonne, cheesecake and keflie's.   Both boys are happy to be home for Lee County's spring break.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to chaperone Ronan's class at the Naples Zoo, I do hope he enjoyed having his mom along.  The boys and I all had kisses from Om.  Miss Zita, our temporary Lithuanian PCS from Joanne's House (Hope Hospice,) got Riley all cleaned up and happily traded beautiful vegetables for baked goods - though my intention was for her to simply have them... he feels so much better and is next to me singing along to the music.  My friend Jessica is in town; maybe I will actually go out on the town, maybe...

The days are full of good and bad.  There was a time when all we managed was getting Riley through the night and day... more on that later.  Yes, a lot is happening in the day now.  We muddle through and the energy will return.

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