Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gunk and Change

"Gunk and Change" feels most appropriate to my past week.  However, to "maintain" is often the goal here. 
Maintain: Maintain Riley's health, maintain Riley's schedule, maintain Riley's meds, maintain a healthy environment, maintain Riley's flexibility... these and more take much of our time and energy.

Change:  Change this week has been a little sad.  Many, many wonderful individuals enter our lives through Riley.  This week we say goodbye to two of them.  Goodbye to Riley's PCS from Hope Hospice, Miss Sandy. She is moving on to try new things in life.  We wish her every success and are proud of her for taking this leap!  Goodbye to Miss Krystal.  Riley's substitute bus driver stands out as the most caring driver (not to say the only caring driver:-) we have ever experienced and the only one to actually "maintain" and have repairs (that have existed there for years!) made on #27126. 

Gunk: Yep, there's plenty of gunk around here, however I've just discovered a necessary gunk.  We returned to Physical Therapy with an eval this week with the adorable Miss Emily and her latest FGCU intern.  She recommended I stop by The DME Shoppe on the way home for address our wheelchair issues.  What a great reception to drop in unexpectedly to a shop where I haven't been in months and immediately hear from Miss Jessica "Hi Stacie, how are you?  I'll get your notes about the head rest for Riley."  They know they're customers.  Marcie came out to greet Riley immediately and make adjustments to his chair.  Checking over my last email, she knew all the issues.  A spray was applied to the runners and already the chair moved smoothly.  "What is that?" "Gunk."  Thanks, I'm thinking, how do I know what to buy in future?  Turns out, it was really called "Gunk."  Well, now I actually need "gunk."

I would really like to hear you all share your "change." Please feel free to comment or send a story for a Post.  My audience button tells me some of are from China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, UK, France, Japan (Aki?), Canada, The Netherlands and Romania (that better be Claudia:-)).  Your special needs experience must be so very different from ours... please do consider sharing!
 The boys on Saturday with Debra Frenkel of Freedom Waters Foundation.
 Yesterday aboard a replica of The Nina at Tin City, Naples.
Hurry and visit, this season's market ends with April.

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