Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diapers are everything and Day Number Six

What goes on with Riley's healthcare coverage is inexplicable.  A few months back he was granted Medicaid out of the blue.  An application on his behalf had not been made in nearly a year.  Don't mistake me... I'm grateful to have it for Riley.  Medicaid has been crucial to his well being.  And oh so happy that Medicaid finally sees fit to provide diapers.  I simply don't understand why they give it to take it away three months later when the next application really was due.  Back to Title XXI... I hope.   Now Title XXI will share diapers too.  It's all ok.  Just strange processes and clearly an ever dwindling budget.  Have diapers... I'm satisfied. 

Poor little Riley is on day six of the most recent illness.  Tomorrow is all about therapy.  Hope that happens.  He feels much better at the moment.... due to Miss Donna for dropping by for massage.

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